Manufacturing Excellence Programs

From driving continuous improvement to launching an aggressive turnaround, our firm helps clients enhance performance and profitability through manufacturing excellence programs. Using validated world-class and "Team-Based Work System" principles as a foundation, we transfer this methodology to internal resources to create a progressive organization that sustains its own improvement initiatives. SDF can also teach clients how to develop mutually beneficial supplier partnerships and create strong links across an entire supply chain — cutting inventories, improving production planning systems, boosting manufacturing capacity and reducing order cycle times, while improving customer service.
SDF offers the following Manufacturing Excellence Programs.
Centerline Program - The Centerline Program is a structured methodology that is a component of a total manufacturing strategy. It defines a set of technical machine parameters that represent “good run” settings in a production process - supported by Manufacturing Excellence Principles, provides a step-by-step implementation methodology, and supports the development of all the prerequisites for success.

Pay For Skills Process 

Pay For Skills Programs, also known as Skill-Based Pay Systems are primarily used to promote learning and application of new skills to increase productivity and profitability of the organization. Each program is unique and tailored to the specific needs of the target organization so that expected benefits materialize. SDF’s Pay For Skills methodology assesses, designs, implements, monitors, and focuses skill-based pay systems to meet the requirements of the client.

Safety Management Program

A process for managing safe behavior using the Safety Involvement Model, Safety Sampling, and Job Safety Analysis.

Supply Chain Management

The goal of Supply Chain Management is to transform a company’s “supply chain” into an optimally efficient, customer-focused process from purchasing through distribution. The complete material flow from suppliers to customers is examined, process by process, to determine how to optimize the whole supply chain for maximum customer satisfaction and profitability. SDF can assess your needs, create a plan of action, and support the implementation of the plan.

Team Based Work System Methodology
SDF uses the Operational Assessment Methodology to design the preliminary Team-Based Work System, outline a potential Implementation Plan, and recommend support options with estimated benefits and costs. Upon commissioning, SDF provides the agreed level of support in detailing an Implementation Plan, finalizing the design of the TBWS organizational structure, roles, goals, and providing training materials and facilitation.

Team-Based Work System (TBWS) Training Modules

SDF uses the Operational Assessment Methodology to develop a preliminary Team-Based Work System and integrates selected training modules from the following list in a custom-designed Implementation Plan.

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"Performance Gap" Methodology

If the chasm between your operational performance and that of the industry leader continues to grow wider and wider, consider applying a proven approach to tackling this situation. SDF International's Performance Gap Methodology identifies the root causes of manufacturing issues that prevent your company from maximizing its business results. Utilizing the most advanced Six Sigma problem solving approach, this Methodology defines specific recommendations for closing the "performance gap."

Identifies root causes of manufacturing issues.

Example: The North American manufacturing center for a $3 billion consumer products company that utilized SDF's Performance Gap Methodology. In 13 months, it will yield over $600,000 in just one operating unit.

Manufacturing Excellence Principles

Provide the keys that unlock significant improvement and results.

Despite the differences between plant sites and business practices, we have come to define a set of Manufacturing Excellence Principles that are applicable across all reaches of geography, language, culture and industry. These Manufacturing Excellence Principles have provided the keys that unlock significant improvement and results for clients around the world. Anchored to best practices research and application, they remain broadly accepted and applied by global organizations such as Johnson & Johnson and SCA Hygiene Products.

Manufacturing Project Model

Teamwork, project execution guidelines & project success critieria

Would a common project methodology that fostered teamwork, provided clear project execution guidelines, and created ownership in "quantified" project success criteria be of value to you? What if the project model seamlessly integrated the PDT Methodology, basic flowcharts and documentation, with clear technical and operational milestones?