Breakthrough Project Management

Redefining what's possible, our versatile project management methodology generates revolutionary results. Utilizing the cross-functional team approach, this Project Delivery Team (PDT) methodology is enriched by best practices, world-class principles and technical criteria that empower team members to enhance execution, reduce costs and achieve project expectations. Transferred to a client's internal resources, this methodology thus becomes the client's unique approach to project management.
Cornerstones of PDT Methodology
Project Team Alignment - Achieves unified commitment to a common purpose through clear roles, goals, and decision making boundaries.

Best Practices Principles - Application of benchmarking and validated Project Management Principles.

Customized Project Execution Model - Combines quantitative success criteria with clearly defined technical and operational milestones to quide the project to established objectives.

Technology Transfer & Training - Technical and operational knowledge is transferred from project resources to operational teams, resulting in demonstrated ability to achieve FPO.
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The impact of our PDT methodology is tremendous. Significant results include dramatically reduced startup costs, enhanced production efficiency, improved process quality, increased speed to market and the achievement of business goals.

Johnson & Johnson, Tropicana and SCA Hygiene Products, Europe's largest consumer products company are SDF clients that have seen PDT improve their business results.
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