Elevating Team Performance

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  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment orientation
  • We listen to you and help determine what your real needs are, not just your wants
  • We don't start a project without a clear mandate from the client
  • We are willing to be paid on performance

We have a strong commitment to transfer knowledge and methodology back to a client's internal organization to promote long-term independence.

Combining an extensive knowledge of best practices in a number of vital business areas with a unique ability to adapt those processes into an organization's culture, we focus on four key service offerings:

Organizational Development

Manufacturing Excellence Programs

Integrated Training Support

SDF provides integrated training support for each of these areas. Specifically designed to facilitate meaningful organizational change, our training modules are performance-based, directly linked to project objectives and designed to address the unique needs of the client's organization.

The transfer of technical and operational knowledge from project resources to operational teams is facilitated by site specific training manuals and educational materials.

We are eager to share validated best practices, knowledge and experience in each of our service areas.